Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Few Projects To Share With You

This was a 7 Gypsies Tray I did for Archivers a year ago.  Each store had to do a tray using current product and a 7 Gypsies tray of our choosing.  We submitted it to corporate for consideration for marketing purposes and it was chosen!  WooHoo!  It was used in email, print and web and is currently still on their website in the idea gallery.  The pictures are of my son Carter, daughter Taylor and my other daughter Alex taken by my friend Alyssia whom I worked with at Archivers.  Check out her website here if you live anywhere in the Salt Lake/Provo area:  

Above are two projects I did for Alex's Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala in 2011.  I was really into doing magnet boards at the time which I picked up pretty cheap at Roberts Crafts.  I think at one time I had about 10 in my inventory!  I found I was making them for every occasion that needed a gift or donation of some sort.  They are super easy to pull together.  Probably the hardest part is deciding on what paper line to use and making sure there are enough embellishments to go with it.  For this particular project I used a Fancy Pants line that I found once again at Roberts Crafts.  I loved the blues and browns together.

And yes, another magnet board and tray!  These were done for my sister-n-law Lisa who came to visit us while we were living in Saratoga Springs, UT.  She always brings us gifts so I thought what a great surprise to give her something when she arrives.  Although I don't remember the paper lines I do know that I used a mixture of lines and embellishments.  My idea was to use paper which would coordinate with her first floor of her house being as though she has a open floor plan but from what I was told, she took them to her office and put them on display with all the other pictures of the nieces and nephews.

I still have I think 2 boards in my scrapbook room to use.  Before Roberts Crafts went "officially" out of business I picked up a few remaining boards which I was able to locate in a few locations.  Soon I will have to look for a new source but until then I guess I will stick to doing trays and canvases.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Alpha Phi Tiles

So after sending the other items for the Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala, I didn't feel like that was enough so I whipped these tiles up quickly and overnighted them so they would get to her in time for the auction.  Well she called me when she got the package and informed me they were not going to the auction they were staying with her!  Really? After I quickly made them and shipped them to her pronto!  Well it ended up that a sorority sister of hers saw them and wanted to buy them so now I have to make another set of tiles but this time I will not be putting a rush on it!

"A's" for Alex

So yet another project for Alex...  She has had these "A's" since I made them for her when we lived back in West Grove, PA and for those of you counting that was almost 4 years ago, but with a different line of paper. Alex requested that I change the paper to match her new colors in her apartment at school.  So luckily I still had some Webster Pages paper left over from another project that matches her place perfectly.  Don't you just love how Taylor had to somehow get into the picture?

Family Tiles and Board for Alpha Phi

A few weeks ago I whipped up a few things for Alex's sorority Alpha Phi for their Red Dress Gala.  Alex requested something simple using warm colors so this is what I came up with.  Not bad for a couple of hours of work!
Taylor found this cute idea for a wreath on Pinterest and decided to try one herself.  She took an old Harry Potter book and tore the pages out and rolled each one then  formed a wreath and went crazy with the hot glue gun.  She then added a cute bow and there you go,  a book wreath.  I thought she did such a great job I hung it on my door to my scrapbook room.

And So It Begins

Well here I go again.  I am attempting to start blogging again and stick with it this time.  I first started blogging back when we lived in Dardenne Prairie, MO and continued after we moved to West Grove, PA.  But when I found out we were moving again, this time to Saratoga Springs, Ut I stopped for a few reasons.  One, I was just too busy and two I was using typepad and I got tired of paying to use it.  I still have my link to my old blog where all of my post are there.  If you are interested you can check it out here:  http://micheleliebig.typepad.com/

I tend to go back and check it out often.  I love looking at pictures I have posted and seeing how the kids have changed over the last few years.  Just imagine if I would have kept up with it!  

So I am going to try something different this time.  I am going to attempt to post more than just things about the kids and things we are doing.  This time I think I might post more of things that I am interested in, wow what a concept!  Recipes I make-from my favorite cookbooks and my own, my creations within the scrapbooking world, some of my favorite finds and yes just a "few" pictures of random things.  So please join me on this new adventure!